Singaporean looking for jobs in HK

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    Singaporean looking for jobs in HK

    Hi all,

    I have a diploma in Accounting and Finance, but I did not take a first degree. Instead, I took a step further and went straight to taking a Masters degree in Marketing, which I will graduate around this May. I joined the navy for 6 years after getting my diploma and just left the navy last July. Other then studying, I have since been working as a freelance Chinese-English translator and events coordinator. Therefore, I do not have much commercial experiences, but I was in the naval headquarters for the last 4 years, and thus familiar and versed in administrative work.

    I have been to HK so many times in the past one year, and I Love it more every time I come here.

    1. I am just wondering how hard it would be for me to get a job (a company that would sponsor my visa).
    2. What is it preventing company from getting visa for me? What is their loss?
    3. What is the best way to look for a job? Online or come straight to HK.

    Thanks very much!

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    Why don't you stay on in Singapore and get a job first? Your naval experience is probably not going to land you a position in Hong Kong.