How to find a job, former german lawyer

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    How to find a job, former german lawyer

    I am trying to find a job in HK. Can anybody give me advice how to get a german law related job.
    Are there companies needing german law proffessionals? I am interested in any kind of business or law related jobs, my spoken and written english is improvable, I lived and travelled 2 years in China and have a much deeper understanding of the situation there (life, business, etc), then usually expats have. Speak a little mandarin, enough for surviving, by far not enough for working.
    Also have experience in other fields, like business, travel, etc.

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    Hi - I would try a German HK law firm - there are quite a few. Just do a google on them. If you can't find them pm me and I can suggest a few.

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    Another option would be to approach the German Chamber of Commerce - just google it.