Am I getting underpaid?

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    well, it's ok to be underpaid when u r starting out after school if you will be learning a lot of good things. Treat it as an investment into your career. But of course, go to another company if they can offer you the same opportunities for a much higher pay.

    To make you feel better, I know people who graduated in the top 5% of my cohort fr a high-ranking ivy league college and started out with a base pay pretty much what you got, and their classmates were getting paid more than 5 times. There's a reason to why they accepted the pay, but anyway, they ended up learning a lot and had a very fulfilling career at the company. The moment the company recognised that they have something to value add and are indispensable to the company, they recognised it and paid them something fairer.

    Do you know if the company pays well for bonus?

    But as for other benefits like leave etc., you should get something that is fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingon83:
    My BA was in Communications specializing in PR. It actually is relevant to my field. I took the marketing diploma just to gain some general business knowledge. I'm not the huge numbers guy is the reason why I didn't go into business, but I do understand that it is needed to be successful in the working place.

    I work for a jewelry manufacturer, so I deal mainly in B2B marketing.

    At my work I do pretty much anything writing related to english, Press releases, website content, press kits, product promotional brochures. I also do a lot of data base research, analyzing customer data and making it relevant in excel(business nature, life time value, analysis of dead customers etc). I go to trade shows and have input on how the booth is designed and set up.

    And yes, I do have a HKID
    If you are doing all that to a high quality then I'd revise my earlier view and agree that you are underpaid.