Help! Is it a fair compensation?

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    Help! Is it a fair compensation?

    I has been offered a position in Hong Kong by a leading financial information-services company. I am eager to hear what you guys think in terms of whether it's a fair compensation?

    30 years old
    Achieve bachelor degree of EE in 2001 and master degreee of EE in 2004, both are from the top 4 university of Mainland China;
    About 4.5 years working experience in Mainland China (3 years experience of software engineer and 1.5 years experience in market risk management);
    Pass FRM and CFA Level I;
    Current salary: 200K CNY/Year (after tax in Shanghai)

    Responsibilities: Implementation, training, acount manager of trading system, traveling in Great China and South Korea is needed;
    Salary & Bonus: 570K HKD/year (Pre tax)

    Given the background, do you think it's a fair compensation?
    Further, this position maybe leads to another career path from the career of being a market risk manager. How about your comments on such career path? I am not sure if it’s better to focus on market risk management and wait for another opportunity in the field of market risk management.

    Much appreciated!

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    Considering the offer is signficantly above what a large population of HK people make --- it is fair...approx. HKD47k/month is pretty good for a local and even for a Chinese National educated in China working in HK.

    However, in terms of the industry not so certain.

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    i think its a decent deal. a good trading system manager can be worth their weight in gold (or silver for that matters) but you need to have the experience. the experience is what really counts and thru time u can then show your true value.

    u will always get another offer in 2 years or so at the proper market rate (if u are underpaid) when u are established as a player there

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    "Salary & Bonus: 570K HKD/year (Pre tax)"

    Seems OK but: What % is salary and what % is bonus (and is it a fix bonus?)

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    Fair compensation?

    At your time of life, get your foot in the door, and keep your eyes open during your period here for other opportunities.

    Be prepared though, for considerable stress in this field. Hong Kong can be hard on you but rewards can be great.

    Do be careful though about your personal life and relationships. A stressful job can play havoc with friendships of any kind.

    Best of luck