CNY bonuses , beginning of feb or end of feb??

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    CNY bonuses , beginning of feb or end of feb??

    when a company give out bonuses for CNY , is it beginning or end of Feb?

    i'm guessing at beginning since we need the $$ for red pocket??

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    Would be end of Feb with the pay check in many companies. Given that a large number of employees start looking for a new job after they've got their bonus.

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    We give in the beginning of the month which will be next year around 20th of jan as CNY is on 26th Jan

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    definitely before CNY starts, each year CNY changes months, its either Jan or Feb so you should get it before. My company gives it at end of DEC before New years eve which is great. blow it all before the new year starts. Woohooo. The extra bonus we only get half, the other half is given in June, this is to prevent us from taking all the bonus and running off to another job. It sucks.

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