Housing benefit & VISAs - joining new co., 2 questions I can't find answers to

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    Question Housing benefit & VISAs - joining new co., 2 questions I can't find answers to

    Hi all,

    I've done prior searches but can't find the answer to these two, or at least definitively. I plan to join a new company in the next couple weeks.

    1) Housing Allowances (not the rent program) - Do US corporations have any tax benefits / writeoffs for supporting expats in Hong Kong? The point is that the company doesn't exist in Hong Kong yet, and I need to understand if there is any special treatment of housing allowances/subsidies from a US corporation's standpoint that might make it easier to provide cash in this way vs. a salary adjustment.

    If the answer is that the US corporation pays it out just like they would salary, and there are no benefits, then there's obviously no point to my suggesting I get a housing allowance VS. just a salary increase.

    2) VISAS - I have a visa valid through 2016 with my current company. If I resign, I know the company needs to notify immigration that they're no longer sponsoring my visa. That said, I've read that you can stay through the remainder of your end date (in my case, another 2 years) and find work up (with a new sponsoring company) until that point. Is that actually true? I see many different answers on this.

    any help, much appreciated.

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    for Point 2, the answer is yes you can stay until your visa expires even if you have left the company as the visa is still valid