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Jobs for 15 Year Old Teenager

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    Talking Jobs for 15 Year Old Teenager

    I am a 15 year old female, currently studying at an International School (taking my IGCSE's). I am looking for a summer job, or any part-time job, to increase my work experience and save up for my university tuition.

    I am fluent in English, conversational level in Cantonese and listening level in Mandarin.

    I have / had multiple volunteer jobs in teaching primary children English or bible study, or reading English books to them. I have also had past experiences at Crossroads with data input and organisation.

    My interests include: reading, writing acting, dancing, swimming.

    I am a hard-worker and amenable to any prospective job suggestions or offers.

    For potential employers, I live in the New Territories and I am a permanent resident here in HK.

    For any further information, please comment! Thank you!

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    You could try to find English tutoring work. Try asking around to find some referrals. Design a little flyer highlighting your background and experience and post them up / pass them around. You might have to take some low paying jobs at first to build up a bit of experience but after a while I think you should be able to command a bit more.

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    Thank you! I will try that

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    We just took on a student for the summer and she'd also said the same in her advert: I live in the New Territories...that could be anywhere from Sai Kung to Tai O!!! Why not tell us where you live?

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    Tai Po, but I have no problem with travelling although my rates will depend