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Career break

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    Career break

    Just wondering if anyone has done this...

    Hit a brick wall with my work and the stress is affecting my health.
    I have been thinking of taking a year out on a career break and upgrading my skills through self-study. Possibly for a semi career change.

    Luckily I have some passive income stream to cover my accommodation but for the rest, how much would one need to tick over in HK?

    I guess what I'm asking is how much to live like a student in HK?

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    Once accommodation is taken into account then that's the main expense done away with.

    You can live frugally on $100 a day just for food.
    For bills etc on top look at $5000 a month for everything and you'll be just fine.

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    Can you speak Mandarin? If not then spend a year in Taiwan. It'll be cheaper too.