BBC (in Investment Bking) looking for jobs in HKG

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    Talking BBC (in Investment Bking) looking for jobs in HKG

    Hi All

    I'm relocating to HKG in May and I'm starting my job search from the UK to get the ball rolling. Can anyone advise me:

    1) Good websites to search for job vacancies for BBC's (English is my main language and I'm conversant in cantonese, but not a 100% fluent)
    2) Recommend any proactive job agencies that will work with candidates overseas
    3) How is the job mkt in HKG for Investment Banking, are BBC's at a disadvantage if their main language is english and they speak broken cantonese? Or are employers favouring experience as well.
    4) Do employers tend to favour those that already have a HK ID, and seek those that need sponsorhip last (especially as it takes approx 4-6 weeks to process working visa)?

    Any guidance would be much appreciated!!


    P.S. BBC (British Born Chinese) - but I bet you all knew that anyway!

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    how much experience do you have and which area of ibanking you wanting to get into?

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    The investment bankers are partying like its 1997 all over again. You know they don't have hiring standards anymore when they start playing the "my bank has more floors in IFC than yours".

    I'd bet they'd hire anyone right now with approp academic qualifications and marginal experience.