Physiotherapy Registration in Hongkong

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    Physiotherapy Registration in Hongkong


    I am a qualified physiotherapist and its been one year since i moved to HongKong. I have applied for registration with the Physiotherapy council here after getting my Visa.
    Its been about 8-9 months since and not they have rejected my application on the basis of not meeting their education criteria. I am a post graduate from UK . They have the most laid back attitude and they don't reply to emails on time.I have asked them what requirements i do to fulfill but they have not replied.
    Has anyone else faced this difficulty with the council here?
    Its such a stressful situation for me and i am hoping a fellow physiotherapist would guide me through this.

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    I am an Aussie trained OT and I also got my application rejected by the OT board. How did you manage your situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Not a physio but a radiographer but might be a similar process. It took awhile to get my reg sorted. The main problem was I hadn't completed the paperwork correctly but no one had told me so I just waited.... And waited. Eventually I went down to the council in person to Wanchai. Things seemed to get sorted out quickly then. Ive seen UK physios at work so it does happen. Have you been qualified a while?

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    Hi ScouseSue,
    How long did your application take? I am going through the appeal process now but apparently it is 3x times more complicated than the originial application.

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    I just did the application no appeal needed. It took in total 7months with all the returning corrections. I got most stuff done by going there in person. The email way didn't really float with them. I only got my reg last year. I have been qualified a long a time, dont know if that makes a difference. Happy to help as I felt very sort alone with all this, as not many non locals working in health here.

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    It has been a very lonely and frustrating experience so far as I don’t know anyone who has been in a similar situation. I was told the appeal process could take up to one year. I am now 8 months in and still no news. How did you go with finding jobs while waiting for the registration?

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    I didn't apply for any jobs until I had my reg as I wouldn't have been shortlisted. Do you speak cantonese? I didn't, although I have put alot of effort into learning it.
    Did the board give any reason for rejecting your application?

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    I have been told in the beggining that it will be a decision between 1a or 1b for my application (starting as experienced or new PT). I have a European qualification and many years or international work (UK, USA and have current registrations) experience and advanced academic degrees in this area. The amount of paperwok they asked me during this process was amazing, and I had to actually travel to Europe to ask for hand stamped letters, specific letter formats from previous employers and a lot of official translations. The details were ridiculous. I felt like an idiot doing all this and spent about 8 months and $$$. Finally the letter they gave me was a rejection (?!) due to a foreign degree. They told me I can attend a theory exam and a practical to get admitted. However the curiculum of that was not specified nor was the source of books they would be examining on. They only gave general titles like: biology, neurology, physiology, physical rehabilitation etc. What is obvious is that are taking care of their rice bowl very carefully. I was am thinking of complaining to World Confederation for Physical Therapy, but I really cannot be bothered to waste any more of my energy on this s*** and in the end I dont think they answer to anyone.

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