What to do- Change or not to try change at current situation

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    Unhappy What to do- Change or not to try change at current situation

    A dilemma..company wants me to move out of HK to start a new operation - setup/start up experiences already there ( main reason for them to come to me )but no technical experience in the specific area..so consider it risky..company willing to train..company big (wrong word maybe!) strong (maybe again wrong.) enough to survive the current situation with a bump for sure….

    The problem is I DO NOT WANT TO MOVE OUT OF HK ! so options are;
    - pack my bags and go for the new role..knowing very well I for one will survive the current situation..but maybe not a nice move (dunno) for the future
    - Say no..with a strong probability that things will get very bad for me after couple of months ( new boss and me tangential in current situation and worst come to worst…)
    - Look for something in HK immediately ( have couple of months before the move)..if find something then not sure how to approach it..with so many firms disappearing..

    What would you do? I luv HK but..

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    As you don't want to leave, it'd be best for you to decline the offer and/or look for a new job.

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    You must have a price that you're willing to accept to move out of HK. Demand twice this amount and let them reject you.