I work for a Video Magazine called ViveCoolCity,

I'm going to be in Hong Kong to shoot two (or more) 3-4 minute episodes about (undecided) interesting things/stories in or about the city.

So far the site has filmed stories on the Columbian drug cartel, Busking in Melbourne, Island Tatoo's in Papua, Mexican Kidnappings, Vanuatu pig men and the Speakers Corner in London.
(Those are a few of the 150 episodes currently on the site)

If you can think of any raw and gritty or just really interesting aspects of Hong Kong that are just waiting to be filmed, please let me know by emailing me: [email protected].

There also could be an opportunity for you to be in the episode if deemed appropriate.

Stories I'm considering at the moment are:
Hong Kong’s qi gong masters.
Noah’s Ark..in CHINA.
Hong Kong's Underground (war tunnels)

I don't know much about getting around Hong Kong and basically am a traveling novice, so any help would be much appreciated.

I'm going to be there form the 13th to 29 of November.

Thanks for help.

Melbourne, Australia.
[email protected]
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