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NET teacher who is lost and need help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumbrake:
    Re private tutoring - target middle class kids, or expat kids (you can also teach other subjects, or teach English literature for Int Bac / IGCSE). Parents are much less likely to cancel classes for their kids than adults cancelling for themselves. For location, if the parents are middle class / expat, then you should be able to teach in the student's flat late afternoon / early evening. Downside is the travelling. Try to schedule several classes in the same area on the same day and then catch a cab / uber from one apartment to the next. Don't undersell yourself - you should be looking at HK$500 per hour minimum for this type of family. Build up a good relationship with the child; then the parent (who you might rarely see) will leave the cash / cheque for each month's set of lessons.
    Thank you for the advice! I am located in the New Territories area so I think I will set the minimum price as $300 per hour to start with. I know HKI side can fetch a lot more but it is far out for me. As a newbie in private tutoring, staying in and around my area I think will be a good start.

    From experience, do you offer deals (or know tutors who do) such as "refer a friend $100 off" or "pay 4 lessons up front and get $50 off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbmchampion:
    Thank you so much for the help and advice you have given

    Another question that I'd like to ask to do with private tutoring, is that are there any common problems that comes up whilst you've been private tutoring in your time? E.g. last minute class cancellations or struggling to find a suitable place to tutor.= (using my own place is not convenient). How did you tackle these problems?
    Most of the problems associated with tutoring can be minimised with good planning and organisation.

    Have your students pay you for the upcoming month's lessons in advance
    Have a clear lesson cancellation policy (e.g. the lesson tuition is forfeit if they cancel with less than 24 hours notice)
    Minimise travelling time. Try to target specific areas, don't spread yourself all over town. If you manage to get a student in one complex, try to find others within the same complex. Get your students parents to help out and spread the word. If they are happy with your services they can be great promoters.

    Above all, you need to work on establishing your reputation. What can you offer? Are you up-to-date with popular learning programs here? Are you familiar with the English curriculum taught in local schools and the specific problems students have here with regards to learning English?
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