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The Decline of Expat Bankers

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCoombs
    Can we talk about skin whiteners again, I like them things
    Need to find my friends and wait for them to start recommending the brands to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat
    Macron style.

    Maybe its because life is like that...not white or black but with plenty of shades of grey.

    Don't worry I know you like to have very strong opinions and its not easy for you to get it sometimes.

    Most stories/issues have two sides. You can do like many and say I am right, you guys fuck off, or you can try to be a bit more mature and try to see both sides. Like in the case of HK becoming more's obviously a change that will impact some and will allow some to flourish....

    Politicians don't do that btw, They usually make a very strong statement, only to change it a few weeks after.

    I defy you to find anything like this in my postings. But I agree with you, unlike many posters on here, I do tend to balance my answers. I hope it's not too much for you
    Such a 'serious' response
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat
    I think amongst the many posters on here EC knows that very well.

    That is what is annoying sometimes on this forum, picking one bit of a sentence to make a point (or is it really a point?) and the whole thing go down.

    We have a new expert apparently (Blackwings) so I expect a few fun thread in the near future...
    Yet he keeps talking about HK as though it is a country. The fact that it is not changes everything in terms of his argument.