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Guide for new English Teachers coming to Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkishbuyer:
    This is an important observation. I'll amend my article to make this point clearer. Thanks jmbf.
    You might want to inform them that the only debit visa is 'Enjoy' spending card by Hang Seng bank. Citibank visa debit may not go through on some Internet purchases.

    Or else they will be stuck with the bloody Union pay (not accepted anywhere in North Europe and most parts of Europe except exclusive boutiques and pricey department stores).

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    Had a quick skim over your articles, very detailed!

    However, in my opinion, nowadays there is more demand for teachers in tuition centers rather than actual schools. I am not that knowledgeable of how much experience schools seek, but nowadays I see most vacancies looking for those who have at least 2 years experience. Tuition centers are nowadays entry level jobs.

    Based on the salaries I have seen for multiple tuition centers, the average wage is around 20k rather than 15k-20k.

    My two cents.

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    Lots of families with children living in places with home mortage with both parents earning 15-25K each. Not easy but still can afford to live in quality private housing. Many of these parents have bachelor or master degrees.

    Actual schools in HK don't weight experience in tuition centers highly.

    Quote Originally Posted by jmbf:
    Thanks for the interesting read. Certainly plenty of teachers (and others) can survive in HK on 20K / month with careful budgeting. Longer-term however I'm not so sure it's a viable solution. Living very frugally long-term can take a toll. Any unexpected illness or other large out-of-pocket expenses could easily reduce your savings to zero or worse. Supporting a family on that level of income would also be very difficult or at the very least involve a lot of compromises.

    Hopefully those reading your article would also realise that 20K / month should be just the starting point. With a bit of effort and time their salary could grow to a more sustainable level which would allow them to enjoy the most of what HK can offer.

    If you can't solve expensive housing, you dont come to HK.

    Teaching English as a western native speaker in HK earns much highe income and respect than in many other Asian places, including Japan and South Korea. Employers usually dont openly recruit teachers in international advertisements and highly prefer hiring someone who can work in HK without arranging them visas. Usually only the universities, the public schools and international schools provide housing allowance, and they look for the best NET teachers in this global industry.
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    About 25 to 30% of HK residents have to pay rent on private, non public rental housing. Many others live on public rental housing or own their home or have a home loan.

    Quote Originally Posted by MandM!:
    Most HKers don't pay rent. They live with their parents or public housing (~50%) at approx $900/month for a single, few hundred more for a family.

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    Hey, everyone!

    I have recently moved most of my activity to my website,

    My hope is that this website will serve as a guide for teachers living and teaching in Hong Kong!

    Thanks for checking it out!