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Working visa for native English teacher without a degree?

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    First of all before you start judging people and acting all mighty you need to calm down you don't need to get excited I can literally see you steaming. I was simply quoting what companys were telling me but thank you for your feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Londonnep:
    acting all mighty
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    I don't understand which position you're referring to, I was talking about learning centres and kindergarten I was informed a few years ago degrees or a TEFL was not even required.

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    Your name suits you. Lol

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    God damn im hearing his voice with this picture.

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    I came across this thread a while back and decided to do a bit of research. I took a sampling of jobs offered in July across four major job boards and found that learning centres (these made up the majority of the jobs offered in this time period and are often seen as entry-level jobs) want both a degree (in any field) and a TEFL/TESOL (or similarly recognised international teaching qualification).

    It's also interesting to note that most of them preferred not to mention whether they would sponsor visas or not. Of course, Ideally, they could find somebody locally and skip the whole visa farce.

    If you're interested in reading the whole article, I'll leave a link enclosed.

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