Hey everyone!

I have a few questions related to trainee contract ('TC') in legal industry, more specifically, in relation to HK Law Society's trainee solicitor conduct rules 9.1 and good conduct rules. It would be great if anyone can shed some light on this because the ambiguity in the rules have been making me very stressed.

1. Can I do another clerkship after securing a trainee contract?
2. Can I release myself from a signed trainee contract, if I decided to take a TC offer from another firm?
3. Would fishing around for TC offers affect my admission?

I'm an LLB graduate from Sydney. I have recently secured a trainee contract (signed Aug 2018) from an international law firm in Hong Kong. I didn't like the culture of and the deals by this firm so I sought for another clerkship at Firm B, which I will be doing in January 2019. I am currently taking my conversion exams and intend to start my PCLL in August 2019 if everything goes well.

Anything would be much appreciated!