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Canadian Looking for Advice

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    Canadian Looking for Advice

    Hi All,

    I'm a Chinese Canadian looking to move to Hong Kong. My wife is originally from Hong Kong and has just received a job offer so I will be applying for my dependent visa.

    Currently in Canada I make about $42K/Month HKD. I have about 5 years of Digital Media/Marketing experience working for large local telecoms and banks. I'm fluent in English and Mandarin but will have trouble reading and writing mandarin efficiently at the professional level. I have not found too many suitable job openings from looking online and connecting with recruiters. All recruiters tell me that once I get my VISA and move to HK the job search will be easier. Is this true? Is it reasonable for me to look for a job that pays similar to what I made in Canada given my experience level and lack of Cantonese?

    I want to move here with my wife when she starts work but am worried about a lengthy unemployment period. Curious to hear from anyone with a better understanding of the job market or industry in HK.


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    Hey man,

    I'm a Chinese Canadian as well, working in Hong Kong as a Copywriter, dabbling in both packaging design and digital marketing/SEO etc. From my personal experience, it wasn't difficult at all finding a job in Hong Kong related to the marketing industry, I landed my first marketing job as a fresh grad within two weeks of being in Hong Kong back in 2018. However, I will admit that speaking Cantonese fluently is a huge asset as well as not needing a visa (I have PR already).

    I am fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, though my reading and writing is probably only slightly better than yours. Being fully fluent in both Chinese/English is the ultimate achievement here (my eventual goal), I'd say that you have a pretty good shot at employment being a native english speaker in general, however, speaking/understanding cantonese would significantly improve your chances. Mandarin is a decent plus, but in most cases when required, you would need to be able to write natively as well. I'd say go for it (though maybe after covid haha).

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