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Work Visa overrides student visa?

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    Work Visa overrides student visa?

    Currently my work visa is until 26th of July and I am working under the IANG visa and I have applied for extension. However I also have a student visa which expires on August 30th 2019. I have two questions:

    i) If my extension of visa does not come out by 26th July can I work as part time under the student Visa until my extension visa comes out?
    2) Does student Visa become void if I already applied for IANG visa so it does not take effect?

    I would appreciate some clarification.

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    You can only have one visa at a time and it's the most recent pink slip in your passport. If you are in the application process for another visa, you are still in HK on your old visa and have to follow whatever conditions come with that.

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