Jobless in Hong Kong as a physician Assistant

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    Jobless in Hong Kong as a physician Assistant

    I am a physician assistant (health care practitioner who practices medicine in collaboration with or under the indirect)supervision of a physician) in the US with relatively high earnings before moving to Hong Kong.

    Been trying to look for similar job with similar nature but there are no luck...

    I am extremely hopeless right now and would like to throw this out and see if anyone have a route out.

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    Is this a profession that is recognised in HK? I know similar staff in HK clinics, but they're usually referred to as Nurses and to my understanding are actually mostly RNs. Hence, if you lack these qualifications, then you're probably indeed not looking at much of a perspective.

    If, though, you have a relevant qualification that is applicable to HK, then I recommend providing a bit more background - exact quals, language skills, work experience, etc etc

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    Physician assistant in US is just one step below doctor and way beyond RN (training, experience, etc.). They're great because they usually spend a lot more time with you than the 30 seconds that a doctor looks at you (in the US).

    I honestly don't know if there is an equivalent in HK. I think if you got a job in one of the expat-oriented big practices (e.g., Central Health) they could use your skills in a similar way to the US but not sure what hoops you need to jump through first.

    Good luck!

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    Would it be the same as a Nurse Practitioner in the UK?

    I believe that these are recognised in Hong Kong, but you would need to pass the relevant local registration exams.