Accepted, alternative to MPF, overseas retirement schemes?

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    Accepted, alternative to MPF, overseas retirement schemes?

    Ok, I have my own Limited company, one person one, work in Hong Kong physically. I'm the director and pay myself salary (director's fees). As such I need to do something about MPF. I rather do not want to retire in HK so I was trying to get myself an overseas retirement scheme to be exempted from paying MPF, but I have no bloody idea which overseas schemes will get me an exemption as there is absolutely zero documentation about this. If I pay voluntary contributions in UK for my state pension (as I am a UK citizen) or Poland ones (as I am a Polish citizen as well, have both PL and UK passports) then would that make me automatically exempted? I'm super confused about this. Please help.

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    fortress hill

    You may take a look at the mpfa website

    • people from overseas who enter Hong Kong for employment for not more than 13 months, or who are covered by overseas retirement schemes can be mpf exempt
    • or if they are in a ORSO scheme, which have granted mpf exemption certificate.

    I suggest you should just do mpf , if you do self employed mpf it’s only 5% and you can pay it annually. When you leave hk , you can apply to get the money back.

    If you want to know more , u can pm me