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(GEP work visa) the proposed date for extension of stay

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    (GEP work visa) the proposed date for extension of stay


    is anyone here had renewed a visa under GEP scheme with a short-contract period?

    I am currently on a GEP visa and the 2 year visa is soon to expire next month.

    My contract term is 1-year, ending this October. Is it a must to input the end date of my contract (Oct 2020) as the proposed date of extension ? If this is the case, then I'll be renewing only for 2 months.

    I am tempted to put in at least a year or two. Do you think filling in a date beyond a contract date is a possibility?

    Many thanks for reading this!

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    I just renewed and put in three years as the date but haven't picked it up yet-normally, after the two-year you get a three-year- now, my passport was expiring when I first applied so I got a six month extension, now I just applied and stuck in the three-year date- will see when I pick it up in a week.

    I would definitely do a three-year application, worst that they would do is give you less- but pretty sure you will get the three-year.

    I just did mine last week and due to coronavirus have to go back to pick it up- they don't want people hanging around. Also, it was PACKED with people looking for every kind of extension as no one wants to return to his or her respective coronavirus-infested hell-hole of a birth country (I am from the US and if I were in HK on a tourist visa, would definitely be applying for an extension these days). Was a bit of a feeling of desperation and lots of screaming babies and such (who can sense when their parents are feeling stressed). Hard to even get a seat. Not the usual, more pleasant and efficient experience of the past.

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    Thanks I pluck up the courage to go for a two-year extension. (I think 3-year is asking too much given my contract is short)

    Will submit mine tomorrow, and see how it goes...

    Thank you for the input !