Good evening all,

I am a PR in Hong Kong and have worked in recruitment for 5 years. I am not able to use Canto/Mandarin at work though I speak another Asian language.

I am looking to move out of recruitment into a role focusing on business development / account management. I understand this is tough as so many of these kinds of roles do require local language skills. I am going to very flexible in terms of the sector I'll be looking at. I have applied to tens of vacancies with no response.

In terms of personality, I am confident, sociable, able to hold an easy conversation with stakeholders at all levels, and motivated. I know some bad apples have got us recruiters a bad rep (especially those who do their best to not go back to candidates with feedback), but I have a strong work ethic so I am able to handle relationships with both clients & candidates without any hassle. I enjoy working at my company but ultimately I seek to move out of recruitment long-term.

If anyone has any tips whatsoever about possible routes I can go down in my job search or if you may know of any connections who could help, I'd appreciate your help.