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Which visa is better to get a new job in Hong Kong - Dependent visa or Work visa

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    Which visa is better to get a new job in Hong Kong - Dependent visa or Work visa

    Hi All,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Request you to provide your suggestion on the below.

    I have been working in Hong Kong since 2016. My work visa will expire in April 2021. My employer is asking me to travel back to India now as there are no new projects in HK. I want to stay in HK and find a new job. My spouse started working on a dependent visa earlier in 2016. Recently her employer sponsored her to convert her dependent visa to a work visa.

    Now we both have a work visa. My visa will expire in April 2021 whereas her visa will expire in 2023. I have two options now given below.

    Option 1. I may get dependent visa (My wife being sponsor)
    Option 2. I may get my work visa extended for next 3 years with my current employer

    Q1: Which of the above two options is better if I want to find a new job in Hong Kong?
    Q2: Is possibility of getting a job on a dependent visa more than a work visa ?
    Q3: If I go with option 2 and get my work visa extended through my employer. Can my work visa be converted to a dependent visa if I do not find a job in 3 months?

    Q4. It will be quite helpful if anyone can share pros and cons of the above two options.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Dependent visa without a doubt.

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    Dependent visa allows more flexibility for work as you do not need separate permission for each job. However change of status from work to dependent will likely mean that you are only granted a one year visa, so you would need to renew the dependent visa prior to receiving permanent residence. In practise though if you're going to work before you receive PR you'd need a new visa anyway if you only had a work visa. So likely dependent visa is the best option unless you don't plan to work before receiving PR. You can apply later for dependent visa if you renew work visa.

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    Dependent visa better. Can change jobs without needing a new visa every time.

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    Thanks, Will immigration ask for any letter from employer when work visa is converted to dependent visa ?

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    One more question.
    My spouse monthly Salary is in range of 15 k to 20k, what is the chance that immigration can give a dependent visa to me and my daughter of 2 years age?

    Also, assuming I get my work visa extended up to 2023 through my current employer and go back to India and continue my job there.
    Being in India, if I want to convert my HK work visa to dependent visa., Will immigration will ask any letter from my employer for this conversion ?

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    A contrarian view... better to get a work visa and stay on it. This gives you the flexibility if the spouse wants to quit their job or does not have a job. Easier for them to slide into being your dependant while they figure things out.

    If you're a dependant and your spouse does not have GEP coverage at time of renewal - you've got a problem that needs to be dealt with.

    (Assuming both salaries are individually OK to cover the various dependant requirements)

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    A dependent visa of someone on a work visa puts all your eggs in one basket and then if your spouse loses her job too yiou are screwed. Having two separate working visa's is better in my view and then you can support each other should the need arise.

    But I am still confused, if your current work visa expires in one month from now, your company wants you to go back to India, so how they they give you another 3 year visa now? Do you mean they are willing to sponsor you now to help you secure a new 3 year work visa and then you will leave the company as soon as the visa is granted?

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    Currently there is no project but there is possibility for new projects in next 6 months, so instead of applying new work visa from India, I am asking for extension of my visa.

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    If your current company is not employing you now (maybe in 6 months), but still willing to help you extend your work visa for another 3 years, then as long as you don't feel guilty about breaking the law, and your company is fine to lie and state a salary that is false in the renewal letter that you submit to immigration, then this would probably be a better and more versatile option in case your wife had problems with her job in the future too, so then you can rely on each other for dependent support should you need it.

    But if you prefer to not break the law, then you should apply for dependent of your wife.

    Since you only have one month before current visa expires you should decide and apply now.

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