NET Scheme requirements and TES Institute

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    Question NET Scheme requirements and TES Institute

    Hello Everyone,

    I have currently enrolled onto the iPGCE with TES institute as would like to know if anyone has any experience with TES and enrolling on the NET scheme. My school want to enrol me onto the NET scheme for them but before i undertake this course, we want to make sure that it is accepted.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Unfortunately, Sunderland is closed for applications so this year i cannot enrol with them.

    Just so everyone is aware, TES requires classroom teaching as a component of their course. You NEED to be enrolled at a school that will give you at least 5 hours of teaching each week and you need an in-school mentor. Furthermore, TES send an additional mentor to assess you on two occasions. They actually have a special Hong Kong leaners department which is more expensive than the standard iPGCE.

    Any advice is welcome, thanks!

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    Hi, I am planning to enrol iPGCE as well, may anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!

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    I am going to apply for it this month. I hope it went well for you! I'd like to know if it was accepted by EDB?