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Job in Hong Kong

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    Job in Hong Kong


    I live in UAE and received a job offer in Hong Kong with a monthly salary of 86k HKD. Accomodation, food, health benefits, transport, etc will be covered by employer. I'm also able to bring my family and school for children will be paid. They also said 80% of the salary will be paid in advance for 12 months and that I would receive the remaining 20% each month.

    Is this a genuine offer? A good salary? I'm have no knowlegde of the labor law or anything in Hong Kong.

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    Is It a good offer....a company who pay all your living expenses and pay almost everything in advance and you ask if this is a good offer... ? Why they will give you a 86000 HKD salary a month is they already pay for everything......
    Better you this company or this job offer really exist ?

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    86kHKD as bathroom cleaner is too good but perhaps not so good as CEO of multinational company..

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    Not enough info to respond. If you are a Managing Director in Goldman Sachs, this is not a good job offer.

    If its to make hamburgers in a restaurant, this is probably not a genuine job offer.


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    Based on the way you are asking this question, I believe you are overpaid lol.

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    They also said 80% of the salary will be paid in advance for 12 months and that I would receive the remaining 20% each month.
    Red flag .. have not heard of this sort of offer.

    Did you get an offer from a random person or have you been interviewing and know enough about the company etc? Is it in your industry and well known?

    Honestly at 86K your perks are not in line with the salary. Folks who make low 6 figure HKD salaries do not get those sort of benefits in extremely legit jobs. May be its unique to your industry - in which case asking on a random forum with random info is probably not productive.
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    funny I found the exact same offer as yours in my spam folder

    that means it's definitely legit

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    It all depends on what type of job it is and what your original salary is. But benefit wise, it is pretty good because all the necessary expenses are covered (But honestly I seldom hear expats with this salary level will even get food and transportation covered, it seems so good to be true). If you have the bargaining power, I would suggest you ask for the company to pay for HK tax and annual trip back home for the family if the job is for long term (even though you may not be able to use it under the current crazy HK quarantine policy).

    Just for financial perspective, you can get about a million HKD a year as the major expenses will be paid by your company (if you don't need to pay HK tax), you can ask yourself if it is similar to what you are making and saving back home. But there are always more things to consider other than money.

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    Hong Kong

    Are they asking for something up front? LIke a huge visa processsing fee or something? Smells like a scam to me. Watch out for the sting.

    If it's a real job - HK is a shit place to come at the moment. You cannot travel, you risk being imprisonsed for a month at a time if you test positive for covid, the 5th wave is about to start when mainlanders start coming over the border .... most people are looking for the exit. certainly dont bring a family.

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    The position is as a chef.
    They haven't asked me to pay anything in advance but told me I needed to contact a lawyer to complete something, which I haven't called or emailed them yet. I've looked up the company and seems they exist but of course if it's a scam they could pretend to be from any company....

    Here in uae it's normal that the employer provides accommodation, travel expenses etc. The only difference would be the advance payment and school tuition..I don't know how it is in HK..that's why I'm wondering if it's genuine or not.

    This is what they asked from me:

    Contact CWK Law Office with the below contact details to complete the Employment for Professionals Assessment Scheme as stated in clause 6.2 of the Employment terms:

    CWK Law Office
    Silvercorp International Tower,
    707-713 Nathan Road,
    Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +852-5808-4730

    Upon completion of the Employment for Professionals Assessment Scheme, provide scan copies of the below documents for Work / Dependent Visa (Entry Permit / Residence and Work Permit / Family Residence Permit) procurement:

    Data Page of Valid Passport
    Colour Passport Photograph
    Passport photograph and data page of valid passport of family members relocating with you
    Skilled Professional Accreditation Certificate / Card (to be obtained through the above stated solicitor)
    Signed Contract of Employment
    Medical report
    Medical report of family members relocating with you
    Scan copy of your Academic and Professional Credentials

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