Summer Internship (Visa?)

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    Summer Internship (Visa?)

    I am an American exchange student attending CUHK for the academic year. Currently I am in the process of searching for summer internships in Hong Kong because I really love it here and want to stay in HK as long as it can before I have to go back to my home uni next fall. I noticed that several companies required that I am responsible for obtaining any documentation necessary to work. I know that I need a training visa for internships, but I'm unsure about how to get one.

    How does the process of obtaining a training visa work? Is this a very difficult process? Is this something I should even be worried about?

    On a side note: Does anyone know how competitive getting an internship is in HK?


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    Go to the immigration tower or download the application form, fill it out.
    You may need also a CV and some certification, as well a contract or confirmation from your company that you will do the internship in this specifc company. Application form needs the company's chop as well.

    worries? it depends how significant your application is...