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Software Sales/Tech Industry without Cantonese

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    Question Software Sales/Tech Industry without Cantonese

    Hi everyone,

    First time poster here on GeoExpat! Asking a pretty big question here so if literally any insight at all is much appreciated and welcome.

    Little background:
    - Late 20s, possess HKID and Right to Land (Unconditional right to stay and work, considered resident of Hong Kong)
    - Superior command of English, crappy Cantonese (Spoken), and unable to read and right Cantonese
    - 3 Years experience in Sales Development (Lead generation, cold calling, cold emailing) Enterprise Software Sales in North America at a big name company
    - 2 Extra years doing B2C selling for a coaching company
    - No bachelor's degree but this is left off resume and has never proved an issue when interviewing at places like Amazon and tech in general.
    - Took a year sabattical last May, only now getting back into job market after touring most of East Asia.

    I'm currently looking to make the move to Hong Kong. I'm also (perhaps greedily) looking to take the next step of my career and get into either a customer-facing role in Account Management, or Account Executive (Closing deals). Other desirable options would be general business development/partnerships.

    An issue is I've been using LinkedIn and Jobsdb, and it seems like there typically are only 10-20 job postings per role at any given time, and 9 out of 10 of them will require native-level Cantonese, sometimes with Mandarin.

    I'm at a loss because I'm not sure if my dream of moving to and working in Hong Kong is too far-fetched given these constraints.

    Can anyone, especially within the tech industry or customer-facing roles, provide insight? Is there anything I can be doing besides just posting on these boards? Are they an accurate reflection of what jobs are ​available? Any additional input is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    An agent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamomiIe:
    An agent?

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    If you are a talented sales person and don't need a visa, I'd have thought you have a good chance of getting a job - good sales people are v hard to find.

    You could try a recruiter, you could also directly target the type of companies that might recruit you. I used to have a number of expat non-Cantonese speaking friends working at Rackspace in sales, for example.

    Lots of job adverts will say they require language skills, but whether they actually manage to find the right person for the role with those language skills, is a different question. If you match the job spec in every other sense I'd apply anyway.

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    I still see some westerners involved with systems engineering and sales at places like Bloomberg, may be even Reuters.

    There is a short list of American companies in some sectors that.. work with English speakers.

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