Looking for a job Door to door

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    Looking for a job Door to door


    I would like to ask about the possibility of looking for a job in HK by door to door method. Is it too embarrassing? is there anyone who have ever done it? Is it allowed to look for a job with this kind of way in HK? Is like a sales.. However my sist did that when she was looking a job in Singapore.. I hope that I can do the similar way in the morning to evening. Because the chance would be so small if I only depend on internet searching. I can do that in the night. Is there many internet rent shop in HK? Is it still open till midnight? Should I take my laptop? Thank you for anyone who would reply my questions. Regards, Fyn

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    Not very sure about what you mean by job door to door, if it is looking for job directly instead of email or mail reply to some job ad posted, I think there's nothing wrong with that, as long you provide all the data as you would by email or mail.

    Keep in mind that the chances are the same, and in my perspective might even became counterproductive in what your personal finances are concerned.

    Personally, I stick to emails, and that's what I do most of the day.

    About the laptop connectivity, my advice is to go to macdonalds or other similar franchises that are open 24 hours, I think there's 30 minutes of free net but I am not sure, anyone in this forum might be able to clarify and correct me if I am wrong.