I resigned from my job last week and had a verbal agreement with my boss that he would release me early. I sent him a formal resignation letter outling what was agreed. I chased him yesterday for a written acceptance and he has now come back saying that was just a suggestion and he had said he wanted more time to think about it. Which is not the case.

I haven't been able to speak to him yet as he is based in London but it reads very much like hes going back on his word and if he does agree to let me go early there will be 'financial implications' - which I presume means he will make me buy my way out of my contract. This was not mentioned last week when I resigned.

I cited my reasons for leaving as personal but I am actually leaving because I believe some of the actions of the company to be criminal and I am worried about how I will be implicated should it be discovered by the regulators. So... if I change my reason for leaving to constructive dismissal does that in anyway change my obligations to the company. Can I then leave early without having to buy myself out of my contract?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated so I am fully armed when I talk to him this afternoon!