apologies up front for reopening what was pretty much a dead thread....but I better respond or I'll get a justifiably hard time from KIA when I next make a LKF evening

its not the greatest time to be trying to get a job but if you have infrastructure experience then you'll stand a better chance given the amount of rail work that is happening or about to be happening.
I've got to disagree with Skyhook on this one. HK is a great place to be an Architect. From HK we are working all over the world on some massive and exciting projects. HK itself has some interesting projects coming up with the eXpess Rail Link terminal to China, West Kowloon and Kai Tak all moving forward (hopefully!).

Salary wise, if you have an international qualification (RIBA, AIA etc post dip arch / barch professional registration) then with 5-6 years experience then you'd be looking in the region of 35k depending on the quality of your cv / portfolio. However as I said at the start jobs are not easy to come by at the moment, especially if you need to be sponsored for a visa.

I'll second the 14 hours a day 6 days a week comment and that it wouldn't hurt to speak mandarin.