Wife want to work this time in HK

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    Wife want to work this time in HK

    My family and I lived in HK before for 18 months. My wife did not work because she stayed home with our 2 kids. We are moving back to HK in Jan. 2010. Now that our kids are both school aged she wants to work. She is a certified personal trainer (part time) and she is also a teacher here in the US (pre-school, but has teaching certificate). If she generally only wants to work M-F 8-5, is she better off from an earnings standpoint teaching at a school or being a personal trainer at a gym?

    In other words, how much can a female expat trainer make?

    How much can a teacher with little experience make?

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    How much she would make as a teacher depends on where she works, as you can probably can from the post above. If she's doing English teaching, I believe that the bottom rates at the preschools/kindergartens begins around 18K/month (though most of the foreign teachers I know get 20K+).