finding a job in hk

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    finding a job in hk

    I'm currently looking for a job in HK. I speak fluent cantonese as well as norwegian and english and other european languages. I'm well educated (export marketing bachelor).
    I'd like to work with language, maybe import/export? How are my chances, really? I can do anything, acting, tutoring, assisting etc..

    My mothers family lives in HK, and lately I've been so keen on moving there myself, that I actually would be happy with a job at BurgerKing..

    So, if anyone out there got some useful tips, or places to look, I really appreciate your kindness.

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    The key question is whether you have the right to work in HK without an employment visa, i.e. you are a permanent resident (PR).

    Finding a job might not be a problem but finding an employer who will sponsor your employment visa and prove to immigration that no PR can do the job might be.

    If you are PR, you probably can find a job although working in Burger King might require Putonghua too.