anyone know the starting salary of cathay pacific MT?

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    icer 28, thanks for the insightful info!!! It’s soo fun to read ur post because they are very informative!
    Hey, are u planning to look for gov job in hk as well? I actually wrote the CRE(common recruitment exam) last year, it consists of three part(eng, chinese, aptitude test) I failed chinese last year, but I made it up this year. These exams allow you to apply for gov’t jobs such as immigration, police, etc…. I check the gov site to see if there is any openings regularly. Maybe u guys should do the same thing if interested…
    Really, you can actually save 4000-6000/month? man. When I was in HK, I couldn’t resist to spend my money on drinks, snacks.. haha. It was sooo hot in April and for sure I would faint if I didn’t drink any fluids.
    O yes, when you were quoting the price, is it per flat or per room? Cuz my cousin was in hk back in 03 and he managed to rent a room in North point for 4000-5000/month!
    Ya, I do want to travel as I am still young and have no family burdens. So what are you taking now? CMA, is that the accounting program? I was thinking maybe I should take CFA but I am too lazy!
    Would you recommend if I quit my job and travel to hk and look for a job, I find it very difficult to apply overseas… but at the same time, I do enjoy what I am currently doing and unless I know I can find something that has a better prospect, jt will be a waste to just quit…
    Btw, got a email from CX and they asked me to send them my latest CV in mid-nov for the next intake.

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    Hey eureka, congrats about CX allowing you to go for their next intake!

    No, I've learned how to read Chinese but I can't write. Writing is still beyond me...

    Okay you caught me, well I actually didn't save $4000~6000. I was on a $15,000 salary but with $18,000 (yoyo gave that quote above - thx about that again!) and if I gave up golf (which btw is FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE in HK!!! ) I'm sure I could've made the $5000 mark. But like I said, that's only if you REALLY budget well (prioritize) and know where to eatcheaply (and cook at home) so your food costs are low.

    I was quoting a price per flat - but a flat of around $3500 is like a 200 square feet place (probably just a little bigger than your room in Toronto) when I was looking. So it would be good if you found a roommate to share costs...

    About whether you should search from afar or go to HK first, I'm really hesitant to give out any advice because everyone's situation is different (job experience/number of relatives + friends/finances) but there are threads here on geoexpat that can give you tons of opinions and I think it's better that you form your own plan by reading as many opinions - check out the "moving to HK" forum if you haven't already

    Given the info at hand, I do think you should stay at your job and save up a nice cushion before leaving (~Cdn $10,000). It's true that you'll land a job easier if you're in HK tho just because of the resources at hand, SCMP has a pretty thick classified section every Sunday for job searchers.

    Yeah CMA is an accounting thing but I'm thinking because it's related with what I studied in Uni - should I focus on banking or give myself more options just in case? I'm not sure... But as for my job, I'm at a bank doing PFS right now. It's not exactly what I want but it's a start...

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    Eureka, I know this is off topic but how's living in Toronto? I keep on hearing that there's a lot more action on the East Coast - I mean you guys have your own f1 Grand Prix out there in Montreal!

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    hey icer28,

    again, thanks for the in-depth info!!!
    compare to vancouver, i think toronto is a lot bigger in terms of size... i went to vancouver in 2004 and i noticed that there isn't alot of highways in the greater vancouver area.... i saw alot of bridges instead!! and man... i do wish to live in Vancouver... you guys have a very beautiful scenary and weather is good... well. i went in early dec... and it was raining the whole time when i was there for 2 weeks... but i guess it's better than snow! but as i heard from alot of ppl, i think there is more jobs in toronto than vancouver... as toronto should be the financial hub for canada!! in terms of living, then i think vancouver is better, but work-wise... i would prefer to work in toronto...
    toronto is pretty boring ... really... compare to vancouver, let alone hk! like around the area i work.. there is only fast-food restaurants... and the major hwy 401 is always in construction and causes traffic jams in the morning and evening... it's just crazy!!!

    ya... we do go to montreal .. but not all the time. it's about 5-6 hours away from toronto... and its' about 10 hours away from ny... is it aobut the same from vancouver to seattle?

    btw, have u been to toronto? if not, it's still worth to see the CN tower and the niagara falls....

    hahhaa.. i think we are way tooo off topic... let's go back to the cx thing... so ya... why did you decide to move back to canada? for me, i have been working for only a year... and i am thinknig to gain more experience... so say if i work for 2-3 more years... i can go to hk and work at a more senior level as oppose to an entry level... but hey... you never know... my mind has been changing every few days or even few hours ever since i went to hk in april... that's why i dont' plan anything now.. like i dont' think i will put money into the rrsp cuz it's kinda useless if i decide to leave in a few years....

    what a dilemma!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eureka2006:
    emmm... i emailed her back and said i am currently working in toronto and i just can't take 2-3 weeks off(actually i just went to hk in april for 2 weeks for vacation)... and since the interview is in hk.... i think i lose my chance!!!

    argh... i can't believe i am letting this opportunailty to slip away from me... on teh other hand, i was thinking why would they think overseas applicant can make themselves availabe any time? i mean, if u tell me in advance... i might of able to take some days off... such a short notice....

    anyone faced this probelm before?!~?!
    If they want you they will adjust....
    I was called for an interview a few months back and asked for a different date a week later to adjust my work schedule...
    Maybe if you gave them something specific, like "not able to now due to work blah, how about week starting xxx" - that way they see your ethics and committment to work, and that you are keen so are offering an option.... I mean, they don't want staff who have poor commitment to Cathay right?

    I got the job and now in HK, so strategy seemed to have been acceptable...

    just an idea... can't hurt to ask and discuss issue with them and see what they say

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    Just to give you guys a benchmark, 2 years ago (2004 CX intake) the salary was 17k, with an internal policy of guaranteed 20% raise per year for the first 3 years, provided you're still with the MT programme. Outside of that, anything goes. I forgot the details but annual bonus would be equivalent to a month's salary or something like that.

    One could argue those figures are less relevant now as that was close to the rock-bottom period of HK's recession that started in the late 90s.

    More benchmarks - HSBC (including IT), Swire, and CX all pay very competitive salaries by local standards, and are usually +/- 1k from each other.

    Given that the job market in HK has heated up quite a bit in the past year and a half I'm quite surprised CX has only raised their MT package to 18k.

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