Finding work in HK

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    Smile Finding work in HK

    I am a newcomer to this sight and to Hong Kong in general.although ive been here on many visits ive just moved over a month ago from England.
    Can any one help me with finding permanent work here in HK ? by trade I am a qualified rotary wing (helicopter) engineer ,Unlicensed. Holding 9 years of employment on rotary wing aircraft in the UK including 4 years service in the RAF.
    My current situation is that im married to a Honk Kong ID card Holder who has just recently sponsored me to work here however, it has only just been applied for.
    IM interested in any type of work not just engineering but also sports instructing, as I was a Kung Fu and physical fitness instructor in England.Although i hold no formal qualifications only a first degree black belt awarded by the British Kung Fu association.
    I would be very grateful if any one could offer me a chance of employment or help me along the way.
    Thanks Dan26

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    There are helicopter rides etc in HK - so there must be engineers behind the scenes somewhere - I would try there.

    On the sport front, why not approach the many gyms or start up your own private lessons?