Work permits

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    Work permits


    I plan on moving to HK late next year but have been slightly discouraged by talk about the difficulty of getting a work permit, especially for someone young and relatively inexperienced.

    I've been working in Singapore as a business/IT journalist for the last two years, after graduating from the U.S. I speak fluent Mandarin/Cantonese (my written Chinese isn't great, but I've done interviews in these languages). I had initially planned on just packing up and moving over to HK where I have accomodation, but have been advised against that. There is also little chance that my current employer would post me over. I intend to apply for jobs over the internet and fly into HK as and when there are serious this a feasible plan?

    What are my chances of getting a writing-related job and the work permit?


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    writing jobs are really hard to come by since it's atiny, closely-knit community that naturally has little need for outsiders. having said that you may have a totally different experience and could potentially luck out.

    but otherwise your plan's quite viable, millions before have done it so why not you? applying for gigs long distance, as usual, doesn't really work unless you're being hired as the CFO or something. just get here and become local, with you language skills and experience you'll have a reasonable selection assuming the economy doesn't collapse (always a possibility here...)