French man looking for a job

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    French man looking for a job

    Dear everyone,

    I'm a native french man, 23 years old, and now i'm looking for a job in HK.

    My career is not very important, but i'm finishing an internship in Shanghai where i've been employed for 4 months in a chinese company.
    The main purpose of my work was to help two companies (french and chinese) to increase their efficience about the quality of technical product according to industrial french requirements.
    I was very helpful thnaks to my ability to speak french and english (I'm still learning mandarin).

    Before this, i've been employed as a part time job for an industrial cleaning company in France while i was studying Technics and Business.

    I have two diplomas in two different fields :
    2-year degree in Technics
    2-year degree in Business

    I'm fully available for any information you may need about me.
    My email is <snip snip>

    Thanks for your attention.

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