How important is a master degree when looking for a job in HK

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    How important is a master degree when looking for a job in HK

    Hi, I am a 25 year old who wants to work and live in HK. I was wondering the following i currently hold a bachelor degree and will have to choose between working and living in HK (already have a job offer) or continue my studies (master degree) which will take 2 yrs in UK. Which means i'll be 27/28 when i'm finally done with Uni.

    I feel with no working experience whatsoever that i should work right now but i'm afraid that once i made that transition i will find out that actually having a master degree offers me more opportunities, chances than a bachelor degree.

    Should i take a risk and just work now or start my master studies?

    Advice/Opinions are very much appreciated.

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    Lightbulb Why not come over first?

    Having a master degree doesn't guarantee you a better chance than holding a bachelor, but it's the tend now in HK that people keep "upgrading" themselves and study along with their full-time job.

    If you're satisfy with your job offer, why not just come over and start your life and everything. You can then start to build up your work experience and learn something "hand-on". Then you may take time to study part-time master degree in the Universities in HK? Just a personal thought..

    Oh one more thing: Are you going to study something very specialized in UK? I mean it's easy for you to get into courses like MBA, but we don't have so wide range of programme like in UK. So you may wanna have a look at HK Universities first.

    Btw: Are you going to study MPhil in UK? Or Part-time? Ain't most of the UK master programme just take a year to complete?

    Cheers, Blom

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    It also depends on what kind of job offer you got and what kind of Master you are talking about.

    Nowadays everybody hold a Master (you know the kind you just need to pay and after a year or so you receive a nice piece of paper degree from a Univserity nobody ever heard about before...).

    Holding a master (except a good and well recognized one in its field, ie if MBA one of the top 20 worlwide for example) won't bring you much more than your bachelor degree.

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    I hire a lot of people and to be honest experience counts for a lot more than just qualifications.

    I probably ignore qulifications once someone had 5+ years of relevant experience.

    In this day and age we are all in a rat race and every year counts so if you can get a decent job take it and consider doing the Masters part time or later after some experience.

    By all means do the masters if you so desire but do it becuase you want to not becuase you think you have a better shot at a job.

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    Are you from Holland? And how come you think you are taking a risk? Even you continue and complete your MS., you'll risk not getting the job you want later.

    Anyways, back to your question. Last year I was in the same position as you do now... am 23 now and holding a bachelor too... am very eager to learn and in upgrading myself, but I believe that studying without any work experience won't take you up to a higer level.

    My job hunt during last year was terrible, cause 95% cases were asking for experienced ppl. No matter you were holding a Master/Bachelor degree or simply some certificates or relevant courses, all companies were requiring work experience!!!. I felt so ashamed that right after my study in 2003 I didn't work right away in the field I was into. ...> resulting being neither a recent graduate nor someone with relevant work experience now.

    In the meantime I am lucky to have also a job offer in HK starting soon. My choice for this is because I need work experience and challenge to put my knowledge into professional practice. A master degree? maybe in future, but I'm sure that I still need to learn/study besides working.

    For you, maybe you can think about this: the job offer you have now... is an opportunity for you to explore and engrave yourself on the work floor. These chances won't be there for you to grasp everyday. If you really can't stand...then you always have the option to get back and continue your Master, but then you have experienced it at least.

    And like the ppl say here... having work experience accomplished with a MS. is much worthy than having a MS. and being a starter.

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    I have only been here two months and of all the interviews i've went to I noticed that most people dont even ask about your education if you have experience. I just have an AA and a diploma in H&RM, but I do have 11 years of experience in that field. I say you should just come here with the offer you have and do your masters after you get settled. There are part time programs at the UNI's here. Honestly, experience is a lot more important than a pice of paper. So come here, get some experience and then go for it.

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    hey Ikhaat,

    According to my experience its best you get your working experience first n then later you can continue with ur masters part time or so..

    today experience is all that counts no matter what degree you have.

    i had a tough time lookin for a job as i dint have any experience what so ever.

    so its best you come down here n take up the job offer.