Hello all!

I am a year 3 computer/electrical engineering exchange student from USA, and I have just now been granted permission from my parents to be able to spend the summer in Hong Kong if I am successful in finding an internship related to my area of study.

Now, I know it is VERY late in looking/ applying for a summer internship, but I am willing to put forth all of my effort in finding a job here (Hong Kong is an AMAZING place).

I understand that I will need to apply for another Visa, or at least have my Visa extended (if that's possible) to be able to work here. So far, I've looked at my universities (HKUST) career center to see what they offer, but from what I see, most businesses in Hong Kong look for students that are fluent in Chinese (both written and oral) and English... which I am only fluent in English. If successful in finding a job here, I'd like to expand my Chinese skills from what they are now.

Anyways, please let me know if there are ANY options available! Thanks for any help!