Interview Pointers?

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    Interview Pointers? gf finally got an interview.....and its with a foreign company (Australian i think).

    Its a PR company, and the position is Graphic design.

    If anyone has any pointers, good questions to be aware of, salary requirement ideas, etc....we would be oh so grateful, cause we are running out of time, and she really needs this job.

    She usually does well with interviews, but never had one with anything other than a USA company located in We don't know if its done differently out here.

    thanks again for everyones help.

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    Stick to the point, don't get too carried away by "this is how I did things in the US ... so you must be doing things wrong if you're not".... specially if the interviewer is Asian (and you never know where they've worked before they ended up in HK).

    I know, I should say, be yourself .. but often that just does not work.. be yourself after the probation perioud, be the type of person that the company wants to hire.. during the interview.

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    See my thread on 'Good Interview Questions'.

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    Matt: As an Australian I'll warn you that she may find the interviewing style more relaxed than she's used to.You also don't want to come across as too upfront and domineering. From my experience American interviews are much slicker than AU ones, and almost stage-managed.

    Along these lines: I have an interview with a Hong Kong company this week. Are there any cultural norms I should be aware of?

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