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    Red face translation

    Hi all, I am a Business English Teacher, working in China ...Mainland.
    My wife is a fluent English speaker. We would like to establish a Translation Business...any ideas ????

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    Translation Business

    Hi Blue Moon, do you mean you wish to set up a translation business in Hong Kong or China? There are so many translation firms in HK at present, but still there is room for some more, when the economy is booming, esp. related with China

    It is easy to set up your firm, or you may even work from home and working on-line. But the point is how could you get adequate business? Another important point is you must have a team of reliable translators behind you. If you are in China, you may have contact with westeners working at embassies and so you can handle more languages.

    I can share my experience as a freelance translator with over 10 years practical experience on diverse commerical documents (Chinese-English). I do not run a firm, but I work just for one firm in HK or rather the boss there. I used to work in HK on a regular employment but I am now in Singapore, still continuing with assigned translation jobs.

    I once considered setting up a trasnslation firm of my own in HK, but my worries were on non-paying clients. My boss' firm has survived on good reputation -- quality, reliability and competitive fees -- rather than on business marketing.

    Good luck in your endeavour.

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    I can't tell you how to set up a translation business but if you're interested in doing some freelance translation I can always put you in contact with a translation company that a friend runs.

    PM me if you're interested.

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    Chris, thankyou, I would be interested. My adress is [email protected]