i need help to find job as chef in hk anyone knows?

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    Exclamation i need help to find job as chef in hk anyone knows?

    hi everyone
    first thanks for reading my post
    i am an italian guy i live in london
    22years old couple of years a go a meet my fiance
    and for visa problems she have to go back to hk
    i really love her and i want to stay with her
    if someone can give me some useful information would be great
    thanks so much

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    chef in Hong Kong

    Check website of Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments in Hong Kong and email them. They have several restaurants and may need chefs

    Or check the Igor's Group website www.igors.com. They run quite a few restaurants.

    Also assuming you are an Italian chef, I'd suggest contacting the Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. Like Va Bene, Baci, Gaia, Grissini, Nicholinis etc. These are the big ones but there are hundreds of smaller joints. Do a google search or check www.eatdrinkhongkong.com or you could probably find many on this website too

    You could also try the Soho association

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    or pick a HKMagazine from Pacific Coffee, there hv many restaurants are looking for a chef ~

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    Are you working in Hk now??

    Hi :

    Did you find Chef job in HK? or you are working in HK now?
    I am international student and studying Commercial cookery in Brisbane, Aust. Do you mind asking some cooking question for later?

    I am not good to make the sauce? It's difficult to make a good ssauce.