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    Could any expat give me a hand? I want to speak better English esp. English in negotiation/discussion (at work). I don't insist on formal teaching cert. or training but I expect someone of some working experience so that there can be common topics and more exchanges of ideas. Details:-

    Duration: 1 hour per week
    Date: flexible, any weekdays except Thur nights
    Time: during lunchtime or after work (any time between 12:00noon & 2:00pm or 6:00pm & 8:00pm)
    Rate: Fair
    Place: around Central or near MTR stations

    Please give me P.M if you can give me some assistance or advice.

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    Did you try the British Council? Or even post an advert in supermarkets in Central area (in Eng or coz)

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    I tried British Council before. The point is if I don’t speak up in the class, no one cares (I’m a bit silent). In a private tuition, I feel I might need to say something not necessarily because I pay for that but because it is rather awful to keep dead air. I also thought of posting ad. on supermarket notice boards but there seems not many around. I think this forum is fine. I’ve got some replies. Thanks for your advice.