Ani-Com tickets??

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    Ani-Com tickets??

    My friend's cousin who is right now in summer school and cannot use the internet, bough ani-com tickets.
    I was wondering where and when you can buy the tickets. I went to 7-11 today and they told me that you have to come in a week to buy it but I was confused because, apparently, my friends cousin bought the tickets in 7-11. Also do cosplayers get in for free? I was wondering because I was going to cosplay and I think last year I saw people getting in for free because they cosplayed.


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    You get to go in for free if you cosplay, last year I had to fill in a form which includes filling in your hong kong ID card number. You get to skip the long line. Just go directly in. However, you should change in the toilets outside of the ani com first because the changing rooms inside are often very full.

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    I went today and we wore our 'K-on Listen' Cosplays and they rejected us saying that the cosplays needed to be less ordinary and more 'ALSKDJKJASHDKASD'.