Where to buy Swiffer products?

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    Where to buy Swiffer products?

    Hi, I just moved to HK from NYC. In NY, it's very common to clean the apartment with Swiffer products and I brought the mop and duster "sticks" with me but need to find refills for the dusters and wet mops. Is there any place I can buy that in HK? Appreciate any help!

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    I've bought them before in the ParknShop in Kennedy Town so they may well have them in other PnSs.

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    Thanks ArKay! I'll look into the closest ParknShop...just got here a week ago and honestly haven't had time to check out the supermarkets yet.

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    You know where the airport is...

    there are similar wet mops but are not swiffer branded. the supermarkets have them also wing on and i think japan home.