How to get to Mongkok

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    Welcome to Hong Kong!

    Good choice to come to MK. By far the area with the best shopping and most fun. I myself live in Mong Kok. If you need any help pm me!

    Check out for train service maps and costs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vxdxm:
    When i land at Hong Kongs airport do i get myself a taxi and just ask him to take me to Mongkok or as mentioned erlier i could get a train, as seriously guys i dont have a clue, lol. I am originally traveling to Thailand and thought that 3 days in Hong Kong will give me a nice break from Thailand, but i will still be attending clubs and bars in Hong Kong so any advice will be more than welcome.
    YMCA looks very interesting, i take it its very close to mongkok area, and whats network price, is it the price when you book online?
    What hotel would be best, if i wanted to be in the heart of all the action in Hong Kong?
    Taxi to Mongkok? Costs about HK$300. You want to see something in the shortest possible time? Get an airport bus. Sit upstairs. The taxi takes only the highway, the bus also takes some side roads.
    For a map check out
    There many hotels from no star to 4 Stars.

    All action in Hong Kong? What kind of action? You can be in Mongkok, or over at the Hong Kong Island in Wanchai or Central.
    There is a lot of Seafood eating action and fishing and dogs and kites in Sai Kung.

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