Fake Disneyland Merchandise

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    Fake Disneyland Merchandise

    Can anyone tell me where can I find fake D'land fake merchandise (can't afford to buy original) and how much will it cost me for key chain, fridge magnet, tees and caps ?

    I know I need to bargain when buying things at the night market in HK. What I don't know is to what extend must I bargain. Half the price down, or 2 over 3 or three qurter of the beginning price ? Normally, how much will it cost me for a HK tees (i.e I Love HK), HK key chain, HK fridge magnet and HK Caps ?

    Thanks guys...


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    Don't think the dodgy disneyland stuff is easily available in HK. Disney has a seriously paranoid intellectual property team that works overtime.