Where to buy evening dresses?

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    Where to buy evening dresses?

    I'll be attending a friend's wedding in February and need a dress for the occasion. Can anyone suggest good places to shop for a fancy dress? Thanks in advance!

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    Sham Tseng

    I guess the big question is what is your budget?

    I know there are dress shops in the upper levels of the Pedder Building, Queensway, you can also have somethiing made, also premade dresses can be found on Grandville Road but you may need to take then to me altered.

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    a few boutiques around soho (peel street, staunton street etc) sell v nice evening (many cut label designers) dresses. spend a few evenings there to hunt, compare and bargain - quite a few of them sell the same stuff but with different price tag and sizes

    also second the shops at the Pedder Building