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    try these guys...really good and cheap. The quality of the seafood and meat is very good.

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    Does anyone actually know what the difference is between beef ratings from different countries?

    I'm trying to figure out which type of steak to order from the site, but I'm having a bit of trouble decoding all the grades from all the countries. Furthermore, some don't appear to be graded.

    Narrowing down to sirloin, I see the following choices.

    55hkd/kg for "beef sirloin steak from Brazil"
    120hkd/kg for "beef sirloin steak from new zealand"
    128hkd/kg for "beef sirloin steak, premium, from hua-an"
    135hkd/kg for "beef sirloin steak, premium, from denmark"
    180hkd/kg for "beef sirloin steak, angus, from Canada"
    300hkd+/kg for "prime, canadian beef sirloin"

    So basically, which beef can I buy to throw on the BBQ that will the best bang for buck? Any insights?

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