Waterproof money belt

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    Waterproof money belt

    Can anyone recommend where to purchase a waterproof money belt? Would outdoor & camping shops in Mong Kok be likely to carry these? Thanks.

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    I use bags not money belts made by Geonaute
    fits for passport, cell, money
    Just can't wrap them around your waist

    not sure you can buy this brand in HK
    saw something similar in China HK City , the ferry terminal

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    Thanks. Something like the link below is exactly what I am after. Need it for a trip to Vietnam. Will have a look around the shops during the weekend but if anyone knows of a specific retailer that would be great.

    Aquapac Folding Wallet+Belt > Nomad Adventure Travel

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    Outdoormart in Kwun Tong sells the Aquapac Waterproof Belt Case for $160.


    Look under "Dry Pack and Kayak" for Aquapac Dry Bag.

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    Cheers! You just saved me an afternoon of shopping.